State of Theology | May 2017

Howdy friends,

This is an open letter to the community who has started to read and follow this blog. It has certainly been some time since I’ve posted anything, which I’ll explain shortly. This is simply just a post to let you all know that yes this blog and its subsequent social outlets are very much still active and monitored, but the articles have slowed down to a stop. Over the coming days and weeks though I will be picking back up, and have started writing, the studying the Bible series I have been working on for you all. The reason I had to stop was due to personal and family circumstances that needed devoted attention to see things come to completion in a timely and proper manner as we prepare for a new season in our life. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about you and my mission to aid the Christian laity with the tools and resources for effective spiritual growth and practice of mission. As always, please feel free to write me using our contact page if you have questions.

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