Understanding Hades in the New Testament | Research Article

Understanding Hades in the New Testament

Luke 16:23 often brings up questions for Christians concerning the nature of heaven, hell, and the nature of judgment. Questions abound concerning where we go after we die to what happens to the evil people in the world. While certainly not exhaustive, I have researched and authored this brief article concerning the issue of hades in the New Testament and other notions of hell in a hope that there is some clarity brought to the matter, or at least provide some guides to further discussion. Furthermore, I have attempted to provide some further thoughts and commentary on Luke 16:23.


Extrabiblical References Mentioned in Article

For further clarity, and your reading pleasure, I have provided excerpts from the extrabiblical references made in my article. While not impossible to find, the access to these materials is limited to the general public outside of buying the text they are within. Because they are published works from other authors, compilers, and publishers these works are not available for download and may only be viewed here, however; my article above is available for download. In both cases I have provided the reference item from which I obtained the text should you be inclined to purchase a personal copy for your private study. These items will also be linked under the “featured” section of the store page and can be searched for there as well.



As always, I welcome any discussion and questions concerning these things. I’d encourage you to leave a comment or send me an email should you wish to dialogue about this matter further.

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For your reference, the Early Jewish Writings website has an extensive online/offline list of the extrabiblical materials that you can access.

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